30 December 2012

So long, 2012!

I like beginnings, and on occasion, I like endings.
They both can be so very bittersweet...
which is what 2012 has been for me.

This year I learned how to love; I learned how to love in an eternal sense. I learned what it means to really be invested in something, and what it feels like to have that taken away. I learned first-hand, what betrayal and a shattering of trust feels like. I learned, all too well, what it feels like to be drowning in a deep sea of misery. I have learned that my faith in this gospel, has and will always be my saving grace. I have learned to value myself in a whole different kind of light. My self-esteem, as you can imagine, initially took a pretty big hit; but today, right now, I have never loved myself more. I love people more, and I cherish people more. I am more qualified to reach out to those who are struggling, and I am better able to comfort and assist those around me who are in pain, and who need a friend. I, in a very, very small way, have experienced one more thing that the Lord Himself suffered, and because of that, I am able to better understand the Atonement and the implication of it.

These are just a few of the lessons I have been blessed to learn, and there are so many more. So, 2012, you were rotten at times. You brought me way too much sorrow, and heartache. You stretched my soul until truly, it was unable to stretch anymore, but I am so much better because of you. 

The ending of this year could be perceived as a tragic ending to what once was, but for whatever reason, I feel like it is only the beginning of something so much better.