26 January 2013

When life gives you lemons..

The one thing each and all of us have in common is struggle. We all go through difficulties, and there is something especially comforting about knowing we aren't alone. I think as humans we feel a sense of unity, a sense of sympathy, a sense of peace when others are hurting too. By no means are we happy someone is struggling, but I believe we forge an immediate love and bond with these people, and we are more apt to healing because of that sense of unity we find. 

In the midst of trying times, there is inspiration to find each and every way we look. The following people are a few of a billion and one incredible examples in this universe; and they are my heroes, and they are one of many, many reasons I have to try harder, and to be better.

After extensive research, we have been told that 50% of human happiness is rooted in our genetics. It has been said that 10% of human happiness is dependent on our circumstances and our environment, and it has been said that 40% of human happiness is completely and entirely within our control.

In a part of President Brigham Young's personal account, he speaks of what the Saints endured. He says, 

"You that have not passed thro' the trials and persecutions, and drivings with this people from the beginning, but have only read them, or heard some of them related, may think how awful they were to endure, and wonder that the saints survived them at all. - The thought of it makes your heart sink within you, your brian reel, and your body tremble, and you are ready to exclaim, 'I could not have endured it.' I have been in the heat of it, and never felt better in all my life; I have never felt the peace and power of the Almighty more copiously poured upon me than in the keenest part of our trials. They appeared nothing to me."

The lesson to be learned here is we can create happiness. This mortal experience is not called 'The Plan of Happiness' in vain. It is the plan of happiness. 

Of this, I know.

14 January 2013

"When faith replaces doubt... the power of God brings to pass His purposes." -President Monson

The other night, my Dad and I were sitting on the floor, having one of our treasured talks. I was telling him about my anxiety for the future. I was explaining the uncertainty and doubt I have felt lately. An open future with endless possibilities sounds very exciting to others, I'm sure. For myself, when I once had a vision for the future that is no longer valid, the future now looks like a long never-ending tunnel, which terrifies me. My dad smiled, looked at me sweetly, and said, "Kenna, if the future was certain, why would you need faith?" I felt silly after hearing that, but it was simply what I needed to hear. 

My time in New Zealand is coming to an end. In just a few weeks I will be on a plane back to Utah, and no, I'm not a fan of Utah, yes the snow makes me cry, and no, definitely not looking forward to going back. This little place in this beautiful country has become more of a home to me than any other place I have lived. I have had the worst moments of my life here, and some of the most precious. I have grieved here, and I have grown here. I have struggled here, and I have been strengthened here. I have cried more in the last six months than I have in my 21 years of living, and those tears have not only been tears of sadness, but tears of happiness, tears of hope, and tears of love. 

Faith is walking into the dark, and trusting the Lord will be there to guide you every step of the way. Faith is placing my fears, and insecurities into the Lords hands, and trusting if I do my part He will do His. Faith is believing that what is out there is so much better than what I have here. Faith is walking away from the past, taking only with me the lessons I have learned, and walking forward with my eyes perfectly set on the future. 

I have been blessed here in countless ways; too many ways to count. I have come to understand in a very small way, the perfect, infinite love my Heavenly Father and Savior have for me. Their love is my source of hope. Their love is boundless, and knows no end. Their love is everything to me.

Countless people have been placed into my path; people that have blessed my life in more ways than they will ever know. My burden has always been there, but it has become so much lighter, because there have been so many others carrying it with me. 

So, here's to the gospel. 
Here's to all of my many blessings.
Here's to the last six months.

And here's to the future.

06 January 2013

The Will of God

A few months ago, there was one particular day that was especially difficult. I was sitting outside on the porch reading my scriptures, when I got a text from my sister. She sent me this video, and it was in no way coincidental. 

"Thank you Mr Gardener, 
for cutting me down; 
for loving me enough to hurt me."

01 January 2013

Since life fleets, all is change; the past gone, seize to-day. -Robert Browning

There comes a point when you can admit that you are stronger

... when life doesn't grieve you the way it did yesterday

...when you recognize and accept you are worth more

...when that meager seed of faith begins to blossom

...when you place your confidence in the Lord,
and in His timing. 

...when hope doesn't feel so out of reach,
 in fact, it feels close.

There comes a point in time when you see yourself for who you are, 
the beautiful, 
the not so beautiful, 
and not only accepting that,
but loving that.

There comes a point when life moves on.

And there comes a point, when you do too.