29 March 2013

Happy Easter!

In two days we commemorate the greatest victory of all time. In two days we reminisce on the victory over death. In two days we celebrate Easter. In two days we celebrate the Saviors Ressurection.

After our Savior died on that cross in Golgotha, His body was placed into a tomb, where it remained separated from His spirit for three days; and on that third day, the Lord came forth out of the sepulcher, and was physically reunited with His spirit once again.

I have spoken quite a bit about the Atonement here on this little blog, but I'll say it again; how profoundly grateful I am for the Atonement the Lord our Savior performed. He did what no other could do. Perfect and pure He hung on a cross between two criminals. In Mark chapter fifteen it says those two criminals taunted The One and Only Perfect Being saying, "He saved others; himself he cannot save." What those guilty men didn't know - but now most certainly do - was that He could have saved Himself but refused because He wanted each of us to be blessed with eternal life; including the two thieves on each side of Him. 

Technically this Sunday we celebrate the Saviors Ressurection. For myself it is certainly a celebration of that, but it also celebrates Christs life, His example, His ministry, and His Atonement. Easter celebrates Christ in all forms, and absolutely nothing is more worthy of celebration.

Happy, Happy Easter!!!