13 March 2013

"How far is heaven? It is not very far: in the temples of God, it is right where you are." -President Thomas S. Monson

The temple is always perfect
 - it truly is - 
although there are those times 
when it kind of sweeps you 
off your feet. 
The peace, the comfort, 
the happiness, the love. 
Tonight I walked into the temple doors 
with the weight of the world 
on my shoulders, 
and I walked out feeling 
as light as a feather. 

God is good.
Life is beautiful.
The gospel is true.
We are in the constant care 
of our Heavenly Father and Savior. 
We are looked out for.
We are loved.
We have unbelievable things in store.

"A temple is a place where... 
the infinite in man, 
can seek the infinite in God." 
-Franklin D. Richards