15 May 2013

Beauty in the Suffering.

Working where I do is a huge blessing in and of itself, for many, many reasons. To open every day with an opening prayer, to listen to church music all day long, to come in contact with people daily who are needing help and looking for counsel and specifically, hopefully advice we can give; these things are such a blessing, particularly to me at this point in my life. 

I can't count how many days I have walked into work with millions of things on my mind. I can't count how many times I have walked into the restroom and knelt on the floor, and asked for the Lords help to get me through the day. I also can't count how many people have walked into the front doors with tears in their eyes, completely exasperated, and needing someone to listen to them, and needing someone to find something that can help them in their particular struggle and time of need. 

With these words I am trying to make two points. One, life is so much bigger than us and whatever we may be dealing with. Life, and the struggles that come with it do not only overcome us, they do not only wash over our lives, although at times it certainly feels that's the way it is. The Lord intends us to look outside of ourselves, particularly and especially when we are in the depths of despair ourselves. Secondly, there are so many things we should be expressing gratitude for, that we simply let pass us by. Often times for myself, when someone is struggling and I hear of their struggles, and specifically how much harder they seem to be, that is when I remember to step back and count my blessings; and that simply isn't good enough. There is too much to be grateful for to only remember them sparingly, and to remember them only when we remember things could be so much worse. 

Life is a blessing. Waking up is a blessing. And my heavens having the truth of the gospel is the biggest blessing one can be blessed with; and to constantly be drowning in our own misery, failing to recognize the lessons being learned while drowning in our misery, failing to appreciate the blessings around us - even though we are drowning in misery - is simply unfortunate, and simply ungrateful. 

So be grateful. 
Count your blessings. 
Find someone to serve. 
Give someone your time. 
Life is beautiful. 
Make it beautiful for someone else.

On one more note, I want to thank those who have sent me emails, who - heaven only knows why - appreciates what I've written on this little blog. It is honestly, simply humbling, and reading your words do more for me, than what this blog could do for you. Regardless, thank you.