19 May 2013

The gospel is so good.

"There is something in this walk of salvation; 
this quest, that says we have to pay something... 
I think when we've come to know the Savior, 
it's when we've been out somewhere - 
at least in the borderlands of Gethsemane. 
The road to salvation always goes through Gethsemane, 
and it will always require a journey to the summit of Calvary. 

If we say we are disciples of Christ we walk where He walked, 
we feel what He felt, we pray the way He prayed 
and we shed the tears He shed... 
I do not know ... what it means to say that 
we are disciples of Christ, but 'I don't want to do what He did - 
I don't want to feel what He felt...' 
I don't think that can work. 
I think the invitation is always come follow Me...

My convictions and my feelings 
for the Savior of the world have been born 
in the most desperate hours of my life; 
when I wondered whether the sun would ever come up again. 
It seemed to come up for other people. 
It seemed to come up every morning 
for everybody else I could see - but not for me... 

...Some parts of the discipleship 
require that walk... To some degree, 
that love for Him, and that feeling for Him, 
and the majesty that He is, 
I think cannot come except in anguish."

-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland