14 July 2013

I Feel My Savior's Love

No matter what you've done, 
you cannot separate yourself 
from the love of God. 
You are never out of His reach.

Love in mortality isn't guaranteed, even when there are times people may have seemingly good intentions. As Latter-Day-Saints, as people of any religion or without religion or without belief in a higher power, love is central. Love is standard. Love is one common ground we each have. Unfortunately, mortality comes with a wide range of temptations, and weaknesses. The natural man is a very real thing. It takes consistent, prayerful efforts to overcome that. 

I have seen beautiful love, and I have known beautiful love. I like to think I love as purely as I know how, and as purely as I am capable. Marriage can teach you a lot of things, but one of the most special lessons I think one can learn is to love unconditionally. To be able to look at someone, and in a small way see them the way our Father and Savior see them. To always think the best of someone, despite what they might do. When my husband left, when I witnessed the terrible way he treated me, when I became aware of his actions, and even when I heard he was getting married, my initial mindset was simply to care. To some extent I was in denial, and disbelief. How could this "wonderful man" I married do this? My first instinct was to defend him. My first instinct was to think the best of him. My first instinct was love, and compassion. One of the most trying parts of my divorce was to train myself to realize and understand, he is this person I didn't want him to be. His intentions weren't good. The numerous excuses I made for him were invalid. As trying as this part of my divorce has been, how amazing is it that it was a part of the struggle I experienced? 

As I said at the beginning, love, in this second estate, is not guaranteed. Because of this, love sometimes tends to be seen as a four letter word with no eternal significance about it. If you begin to feel that way, it is then you know you have overlooked The Lord.

Nothing - not mortality or our decisions - can separate us from the love of The Lord. Nothing we do can influence the condition of His love. His love is constant. His love is unconditional. His love is pure, and perfect, and unlike anything mortality can comprehend. There are days it's hard to believe in the immaculate goodness of love, but it is then I know I have overlooked The Lord.

He loves me. He loves me completely. His love looks past all my weaknesses, all my short-comings, and it is still whole. It is still omniscient. Like a toddler in a pool, there are moments fear overcome that young spirit. That fear comes from realizing the things around you - to potentially save you - are out of reach. He may feel out of our reach. He may seem too far away to save us, but I testify we are never too far away from Him. We are never out of His reach. I testify His love can reach us, through thick, through thin, through trial, and mistake. We are always in His grasp. And nothing we can do - not mortality or our decisions- can change that.