05 July 2013

Tonight? We will celebrate.

One year ago today, someone walked out of my life. When I watched him walk away I thought I saw my life going with him. A year ago, what was walking away was a life I could have had. A life I thought I was going to have. A life I thought I wanted to have. 

When he walked away I thought my heart went along with him. As he left I thought I saw him put my dreams in his right pocket, and my happiness in his left.

I'm happy to say that my dreams and my happiness were in my pocket all along.  It took a while for me to realize that, but I know now that they are in there - safe and snug. When he walked away I had no choice but to go a separate way; an unwanted way, but a better way.

There are why's that still remain why's. The how could they's remain the how could they's. But it's the what are you going to do about it's that brought me here, today.

The last 365 days have been freaking hard. The majority of those days have been horrible, and ugly. However; those horrible and ugly days have resulted in my most beautiful days, and my most beautiful moments. They have resulted in countless beautiful lessons learned.

I've talked about it a million times on this blog. There is nothing more to re-hash. What happened was terrible. What someone did was terrible. What it did to me was terrible. But I am here now. I am 365 days past it. Today is sunny. It is bright. It is full of possibilities and opportunities and blessings. And as my dad would say, "it is no coincidence that today is the day after Independence Day."

am free.