14 September 2013

"I know now, Lord, why You utter no answer. You, Yourself, are the answer." -C.S. Lewis

Yesterday at work I had a pretty neat experience. Without saying too much, I was struggling with a couple of things. Nothing of a too serious nature - but it was there. An elderly woman came into my work (yes I know, I love elderly people!). She didn't look like she needed help finding anything, but I asked her anyway. Little did she know it was me who needed to find something.

She was looking for Book of Mormon picture books, made primarily for children. She was on her way to visit her 89 year old husband at the care center, who suffered from dementia, and couldn't retain much more than those picture books. She was dealing with cancer, which made her unable to take care of him. She said the only thing her husband remembers is her (thankfully), scriptures, and hymns. I told her that was pretty incredible evidence of the kind of man he was. She began to tell me of his service in the church. Twice a bishop, once a mission president and a patriarch, with over twenty years of faithful service in the stake presidency. She couldn't recall a time she had ever seen him watch TV, or read anything other than his Book of Mormon. I told her again, what incredible evidence that served as to the kind of man he was. 

At this point she began to cry - and a little out of nowhere said, "always stay active in the church." It was fairly out of context within the conversation, but it struck me to the core. I have never considered becoming inactive, or falling away, but there was something about the wisdom in this woman's tone of voice that spoke to my soul. There was a knowledge she had of the gospel that was so intense. When she spoke, her conviction and her testimony was bone chilling. This woman had the faith of 88 years of life; a life of struggle, love, of pain, and of pure, unadulterated joy. 

I walked away with the overwhelming assurance of two things. 1) There are terribly good men out there who serve and love the Lord with their whole heart. There are men who love their wives, and there are wives that adore their husbands. There is an eternal Christ-like love and happiness that exists. 2) The only real source of light and happiness in this life is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine how hollow my life would be without that faith, and through whatever trial in God's goodness gives me, that resounding truth will never leave me. I have felt the love of my Father in heaven and His Son too many times to ever doubt. My testimony of this gospel is my one forever-and-always constant. 

I'm grateful for the goodness in this world. I'm grateful for the ability to see that goodness - which is primarily possible because of the things I know. I'm grateful for God's ever watchful care, the angels He places in my path along the way, and the perfect wisdom He has in allowing me to experience what I do.