25 November 2013

My Name Used To Be Muhammad - The True Story Of A Muslim Who Became A Christian

There are special moments in life when you meet someone and hear their story and you are reminded in the most powerful way that this Gospel is true, and that this person, this beautiful, extraordinary person standing in front of you, is a precious gift from God. This person and his or her story are precious gifts to you.

There is a man whose name was once Muhammad. His name is now Tito Momen, and he is a convert to The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had the opportunity and privilege of hearing him speak tonight. 

I could go on and on about his insanely, unfathomable story of conversion and endurance, but I'm afraid my writing couldn't possibly do it justice. You can find Tito's story here, and here. However I will take my chances and attempt to share one part of my experience tonight.

For a solid two hours, Tito described each and every injustice he endured on his road to Christianity, but unfailingly his faith overshadowed his fear and his determination owned his doubts. As he talked about his trials, as he was in the very thick of them, the only words he ever uttered were, "Thy will be done. Thy will be done." He was once asked by a friend, "if you could go back 15 years and do everything differently, would you?" Without hesitation and with no reservation, Tito said he would do it all over again. And why? Because of his unwavering faith and his undeniable belief in this Gospel.

There is no doubt in my mind there are times Heavenly Father looks down at the wickedness of this world and weeps for His children. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and the heartbreak He feels. However, there is no doubt in my mind Heavenly Father looks at some of His children, like He did tonight, and the joy and happiness He feels is indescribable. No doubt our Father in heaven is filled with love and gratitude for this son, whose endured unspeakable things and for the rest of his life will bear witness to the world of his faith and be a precious blessing to everyone he meets. What a gift he is to the world. May we each strive to live our lives worthily, and pray for opportunities that we, too, may be a blessing in someone else's life.