04 December 2013

"From our sorrow we might seek out the sweetness..." -Richard C. Edgley

Tonight, as I was saying my prayers, 
an interesting thing happened.
I felt nothing.
And by nothing I mean I felt no anxiousness.
I felt no burden.
I felt weightless.
I was on my knees, saying nothing, 
but completely content in that moment.

There was no problem I needed to 
talk to my Heavenly Father about.
There were no tears, and no frustrations.
In that moment there was nothing but peace,
nothing but surety, nothing but an overwhelming 
assurance that The Lord was there,
He was aware of me,
He knows the intents of my heart and soul 
even when I don't speak. He knows me.
The ins and outs and the in-betweens. 
He knows my spirit. 

Tonight that was all I felt.
I felt nothing.
And somehow by feeling nothing,
I felt everything.