18 December 2013

... So let's arise with joy in our hearts.. & share it with everyone. The meaning of Christmas will always be, The birth of Jesus Christ – God's son. -M.S.Lowndes

I work at a bookstore. It's retail. It gets crazy around this time of year. I get it. There's a running joke that customers are always meaner at this time of year... and can I just tell you the running joke is 100% accurate but not very funny.

I get that it's stressful. I understand you're in a hurry. Roads are icy and there's not enough time in the day. But you know what I bet was more stressful? Being pregnant, (a pregnancy which wasn't really expected, by the way,) preparing to have this baby and having no place to stay. By the way, that baby was Jesus Christ.

No doubt Mary and Joseph felt the stress but no doubt they handled it gracefully and beautifully. Remember what this season is about. Remember Who was born so long ago. Remember Who still lives. Remember Who is the reason for this season. And for heaven's sake, be kinder.

This season isn't about you. 
It's about Him.