15 January 2014

And in looking back, I found that I had arrived.

I don't go out of my way to make trips to Salt Lake City, particularly the temple part of Salt Lake City, but with one of my dearest Kiwi friends visiting Utah before embarking on an 18 month mission, there was no way I wasn't going to show her around Temple Square and church headquarters. 

At one point during our tour of Salt Lake City, we went into the beloved visitors center and looked at the beautiful Christus. As I sat on the bench, holding hands with one of my dearest friends, and looking intently into the eyes of this real-life-like statue of Christ, there was one thought that swept over me, and that thought was Him. Only Him.

As I turned my back I caught a glimpse of the Salt Lake City temple, that stood so majestically behind me... and for a moment that temple was not only very much physically behind me, but figuratively behind me. There was a day that took place in that beautiful temple that was simply just that: behind me.

I turned back around and looked at my Savior. My heart kind of jumped in my throat. My eyes welled up with tears. 

He is my focus. 
He is my direction. 

Whatever lies behind me doesn't change the fact that He lies ahead of me - always and forever. And in this one beautiful moment of clarity it all felt so perfect. Whatever lies behind me - it's okay. My direction hasn't shifted, my pathway is still clear. 

He is the purpose.
He guides my path.
And somehow,
in the Lord's mysterious, wondrous ways,
Christ showed me that as I was looking back -
I discovered that I had arrived.