18 January 2014

Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father's plan.

Today I had the blessing and opportunity to go to a sealing - and may I add that it was the first sealing I was willing to go to since my divorce! *pat on the back* I pulled myself together and braced myself for lots of tears, some flashbacks of unwanted memories, and yes - I even prepared myself for a little bit of anger. Little did I know this preparation was a colossal waste of time. 

Today, as I sat in the sealing room I watched two beautiful, wonderful human beings promise forever to each other. I watched a precious, darling baby girl get sealed to two parents, who so evidently love that child more than they thought humanly possible. All I was capable of feeling in that moment was love - a total overload of God's good love.

Good marriages exist. Not as often as they should but they do. Love - when it is godly and pure - is miraculous. It changes lives and people and conditions and situations. Families are meant to last forever - they are designed to be eternal. God wouldn't have us settle for any less.

Sure, we don't all get there the same way. In my case divorce came before the family, but life happens and people make choices and God allows us to grow. Regardless of how we get there, that blessing is ours. It has been promised to the faithful and worthy, and nothing and nobody except yourself can take that away. Chances are it won't come when we would like. It may not even come in this life - but it will come.

So hooray for beautiful love! Hooray for these two beautiful people! (Plus little Charli) And hooray and halle-freaking-lujah for this gospel! God's way of life is good. It is oh so very good.