28 February 2014

Bullying - Stop it. -Elder Uchtdorf

When I was thirteen years old, a few of the girls in my neighborhood created a "club." I wasn't included in this club because this club revolved around me. These girls walked around our neighborhood and with markers colored the power boxes on each corner of our street. I will never forget walking off the bus one day, only to read in red marker: Kenna sucks, I hate Kenna, We hate Kenna. It breaks my heart to know that the way I felt that day, is the way almost everyone has felt, at one point or another in their lives. Boys and girls, men and women, young and old.

Children are ruthless - and I wish I could say it ended there. As a twenty two year old, I have seen bullying consistently throughout the years, and often time older people, being at the very center of it. 

It is never okay to criticize, ridicule, 
or make fun of others for the sake of your 
own shallow entertainment. 
It is not funny. It never will be.

It is never okay to speak poorly of others, 
behind their backs or to their face. 
Gossiping holds nothing but
shame, regret, and remorse. 

As I have loved you, Love one another
This new commandment: Love one another.
By this shall men know Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love One to another.

^ Therein lies happiness. ^