13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone wants to be loved, right? It's human nature. We like to feel wanted, and needed, and cherished. Today I'm talking about the romantic kind of love... the romantic kind of wanted, and needed, and cherished. After all, tomorrow is Valentines day. 

Valentines Day has always been one of the sweetest holidays for me, whether or not I've had a valentine. It's a day that love is celebrated! And let's be honest, love deserves it's very own designated day.

In middle school and junior high my dad was my annual Valentine - he always reminded me of that when he sent me roses during third period. In high school it was my boyfriend. The years since have included some different valentines, and some years I've had no one at all, and to be honest, those Valentines Days have been some of my favorites.

This year I plan on expressing my love to each and every person in my life. I plan on over-using the words I love you a crazy amount of times. I plan on putting post-it-notes on strangers cars, telling them they are loved. I plan on surprising people with bags of Hersheys kisses, just in case they have no lip-locking lover this year. I plan on saying Happy Valentines Day to everyone I come in contact with, and I plan on buying myself a very large Reeses heart.

Sounds like a perfect day to me.