20 February 2014

The Power of Every Day Missionaries

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, when I hear the word missionary, I almost always think of a 19 (now 18) year old young man who leaves his home for two years to preach the gospel. It truly wasn't until I started having missionary experiences of my own, I realized that every member of the church is indeed a missionary, and we are in fact called and held responsible to share the things we know. 

This blog has been the starting point for me. I will never forget the first email I received from someone who had read my blog, who was inquiring about my faith. In a very real way this blog has become a mini-mission for myself, and it truly has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. To be able to have this experience, I would go through my heartache one million times over. My heartache is where this blog started, and I will forever be humbled that my Father in heaven turned a potential tragedy, into the most wonderful experience of my life.

As you embark on missionary work,
use your talents!
If you sing, share the gospel with your voice.
If you write, share the gospel through literature.
If you play an instrument, learn hymns that will bring solace to people's hearts.
If you travel, travel with a pile of Book of Mormons. 
If you create art, create art that depicts the love our Savior has for us.
If you cook, cook for the homeless and the hungry.

Use what you can. 
Use what you have. 
It is enough 
- and when it isn't - 
the Lord will make up the difference.

I believe with my whole heart that being trusted by our Heavenly Father to serve His children, is the greatest compliment one can receive, and I intend to always show my gratitude to Him, by living worthily so I can in fact be given those opportunities.