18 February 2014

"What seems commonplace seldom is." -Elder Neal A. Maxwell

"A hundred years from now, 
today's seeming deprivations 
and tribulations will not matter 
then unless we let them matter 
too much now...

In eternity, the insensitivities and injustices 
of today's grumpy boss will not matter when 
we then live in the presence of a God 
who is perfect in his justice and his mercy. 
A thousand years from now, 
today's soul pain inflicted by a betraying 
or deserting spouse will be gone. 
A thousand years from now, if one has been 
misrepresented or misunderstood, 
the resentment will be gone. So much depends, 
therefore, upon our maintaining 
gospel perspective in the midst of 
ordinariness and the pressures of temptation, 
tribulation, and deprivation.

As we come to love the Lord more and more, 
we can understand, rather than resent, his purposes."
Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Grounded, Rooted, Established, and Settled