02 March 2014

Are you a true believer in Christ?

"True believers are settled 
in their views of Christ. 
Despite their weaknesses, their spirituality is 
centered on the Savior, so their views of everything 
else are put in that precious perspective. 

True believers gladly perform 
their duties in the kingdom...

True believers are humble...

True believers are willing
 to do what Christ wants.
... Are we willing to let the Lord lead us into 
further developmental experiences? Or do we shrink back? 
The things which enlarge the soul inevitably involve stretching.

True believers pray...

True believers have both right conduct 
and right reasons for that conduct. 
They are so secure in their relationship with 
the Lord that their goodness would 
continue even if nobody was watching...

True believers rejoice 
in the success of others... 
They don't regard colleagues as competitors. 

True believers remember that 
forgetting is part of forgiving...

True believers are happy."
-Elder Neal A. Maxwell