14 March 2014

"Everything I hold dear and precious in my heart, I can trace to my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Elder Robert Backman

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On another note, last week I received an email from Kathryn Skaggs,
who asked me and some others to join with her
in creating a Facebook page titled Mormon Women Stand.
Our intent is simply this:

Within nearly two days over 2,000 women have joined with us!
As women, it is time we publicly gather together to fully 
sustain our church leaders, honor the priesthood, 
honor the role the priesthood is intended to play,
and embrace our calling as being women of God!

I am humbled to be in contact and surrounded by such inspiring women who embrace our church and embrace the way it was designed. Take a sister by the hand, and come join with us.