18 March 2014

“From the moment I decide you are a friend, it does not matter how long I have known you, because I make a commitment right then and there... To be there for you when you need me. That is the way I live my life, and that fact will never change.” -Aaron Usery

In high school, I remember my parents feeling slightly sorry for themselves when my sister and I would pick our friends over them. I remember them telling us on Friday nights, friends come and go but family is forever! Chances are I laughed as I walked out the door. 

I can now say that they were right. Not all friends come and go. There are some friends that remain as true and as blue as family members themselves, but those friendships are a rarity.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than genuine and loyal friendship. There is nothing sweeter than finding a friend you feel safe with, secure with, and at home with. These people bring a specific beauty to life that nobody else can. These friendships bring a specific meaning to life, that we can't find any other way.

I have been blessed with irreplaceable friendships in my life. I have found some of these friendships through jobs, and through wards. I have found many through this blog, and I have found some simply by the hand of God and His intervening. There are some people I have had to let go of along the way... I believe some people are meant to serve a purpose in our lives only for a brief amount of time, and sometimes their only purpose is to try us, weaken or strengthen us, and test our class and character. We should be just as grateful for these people and their purpose, as we are for the others; without them we wouldn't know where true friendships lie.

Hold those true friendships close - grab on and don't let go. Thank your Father in heaven for those people who bring that specific goodness into your life, and above all be the kind of friend that brings that same magic into the lives of those around you. Be a true friend. Extend your loyalty as extensively as you do your love. And to each and all of you who have loved me continuously, supported me, and been a faithful friend: thank you. I thank you each from the bottom of my heart. You will never know how much you mean to me.

 I talked to these guys on the phone yesterday.
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As I mentioned a few posts prior I have joined with some wonderful women and we have created Mormon Women Stand. I will be running their Instagram page, which can be found here: mormonwomenstand. Come join with us!