19 April 2014

The True Meaning Of Easter

This past week I have been studying the life of The Savior, particularly His atonement and resurrection. There are moments I really can't handle the immense gratitude I feel for Him. I want so desperately to be more for my Savior, to do more for my Savior, and to be better for my Savior. I want to make Him proud. I want to stand in His presence again one day fully confident in my works conducted here on earth. I want Him to be pleased with my efforts, and I want Him to be pleased with the intents of my heart. I want to kneel at His feet and bury my head in my hands. I can't imagine mustering up the words to express to Him exactly what I feel for Him. The tears I shed during that reunion will be infinitely more than all of the tears I have shed in mortality. My heart can't handle the thought.

I love my Savior and my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I am forever indebted to Him for His unfailing mercy and love He extends me. He is my very Best Friend. He is my absolute everything. He is my Hope and He is the Light in my life. He is my Strength, and He is my Courage and He is my reason for pressing forward, for moving on, for fighting the fight. For Him I will endure well, and I will endure forever. For Him I will give my all in this life, because there is absolutely nowhere I will settle staying if it is not with Him...

I can't wait until that day.

In the meantime I will honor Him... I will cherish Him and I will love Him. I will honor and respect His gospel and I will share it with everyone, everywhere. I will constantly renew my covenants with Him, and I will extend everyone in my life love and forgiveness, and to the best of my ability, emulate His light.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know that with all of my heart. I know that my Savior did what no one else could. Because of Jesus Christ death has no sting, hell has lost its power, and the grave has no victory. He has overcome death, He has overcome all, and somehow, miraculously, in His wonder and perfection, He considers me His friend.

I know that my Redeemer lives.

Because of my Him my heart is full...
and oh how I love Him.