03 May 2014

Beneath every person online, is another person.

I came across a beautifully written sentiment the other day, and my heart connected with these words that I read: 

"There are way too many blogs and websites around that skim the surface of life... I believe the internet is an obfuscated lens which we hope to be seen through. It’s the staged version of us that we tragically spend most of our time creating."

This blogger hit the nail on the head. 

The internet and social media can be very deceiving, which is why I have tried to be uncomfortably open, and terribly honest when I write. I have tried to be vulnerable and real with the things that I feel, because I truly believe that is the only way humans can learn from one another. It is the most tender, sensitive parts of our heart that reach other hearts. It is from the hard and ugly in life, which develop our understanding and compassion. If only we saw each other and our circumstances in a more Christ-like way. 

How wonderful would it be to talk, only to be understood? 
How wonderful would it be if compassion was always followed by honesty?
How wonderful would it be if love was given rather than our judgement? 

I am not saying we should all make an effort to air out our dirty laundry, but perhaps we shouldn't care so much how our lives, feelings, and thoughts are portrayed and perceived by others. 

The point I'm trying to make is this: be who you are. Own your life, and your story, and your experiences... They have created you, and you are insanely amazing. Your life, exactly how it is, is your personal legacy to the world, and I promise you, that your heart, and your spirit, perfectly unaltered and flawed and untouched, is exactly what the world needs.