20 June 2014

22 Things I Learned When I Was 22

1. Never under-estimate how good a year can be.
22 - hands down - has been my very favorite.

2. God knows what He is doing.
God knows what He is doing.
God knows what He is doing.

3. Reading is the best use of free time.

4. Taking a bubble bath and hitting the sack early
on the weekend does not make you a loser.

5. The hardest things in life are often the best things in life.

6. Finding an honest, loyal, righteous, worthy
priesthood holder is worth the wait.
Discovering God's plan for you is worth the wait.
Starting over is worth the wait.
Don't settle for less than the very best.

7. I had no idea what I deserved when I was 20.
The greatest blessing in my life thus-far was being rescued
by my Heavenly Father.

8. Eternal love and validation come from One source:
our Heavenly Father and Savior.

9. Consistent scripture study, constant prayer, 
and weekly temple attendance, will in fact change your life.

10. True friends will prove their friendship.

11. Forgiveness is as much about our relationship
with the Lord, as it is about our relationship with those
we are trying to forgive.

12. Maturity often comes with age...

 13. Insecurities and feelings of inadequacy bring out the worst in people.

14. Some perspectives can only come with experience.

15. Aside from my heart being in New Zealand,

16. California will always be better than Utah.

17. Sometimes you really do meet people in singles wards.
(Who wouldda thought!?)

18. It is possible to overcome bitterness.
It is possible to no longer think about the past.
It is possible to no longer care!
It is possible to be so incredibly grateful that,
*that girl* is no longer me.

19. I genuinely learned the secret to happiness.
(Get on your knees and thank your Father in heaven.)

20. I love animals too much to eat them...
one year of being a vegetarian - going strong ;)

21. Trust the Lord, His timing, and His will.
He is never, ever, wrong.

22. Tender mercies and miracles are a real thing.
Twenty-two brought so many of them.

Thank you 22 for bringing me the people, experiences, situations, and circumstances that I needed. You have taken care of me. You have protected me. You have loved me. And I will cherish the time we spent together far more than I could have imagined.

Dear 23: I can tell we are going to be the best of friends.
Let's do this.