27 August 2014

"We must care more, for those who seem to care less for their faith." -Elder Carlos E. Asay

At a very young age I felt I had a calling to fulfill in life, and that calling was simply to help people who are struggling. Help people who need love and validation, help people who seek friendship and nurturing, help people who want attention and care. 

A few weeks ago I met a woman. She had a name badge on and for whatever reason I felt prompted to ask her more. This woman told me she worked at a substance abuse home for adolescents. This woman was essentially a guide for these kids. She provided 24 hour supervision and basically loved on these kids, while still holding them accountable and responsible for their actions. To make a long story short, one week after I met that sweet girl I had the same job.

I am convinced, now more than ever before, that mortality is meant to be founded on service. Service is one of the most important reasons we are here. We are here to love others. We are here to care for God's children. We are here to forget ourselves and go to work. We are here to be brothers and sisters to each and every spirit we re-unite with on earth. And every day, I am able to feel this outrageous amount of love in my heart, and catch a glimpse of these kids through our Father in heaven's eyes. I am able to see them the way He does.

Infinitely precious, 
infinitely special, 
and worth an infinite amount of love.

Sure I have to learn self-defense in case someone takes me down. Yeah these kids might scream and swear in my face. And yes, sometimes they might rebel and retaliate, re-use and relapse. But like I have told them every day, "nothing you can do will make me stop loving you."

I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with every single part of me that I have a Father in heaven Who loves His children deeply and perfectly. I know He has a Son who atoned for each and every sin that mortals have made and ever will make. And I know that He atoned for our sins not only because He loves His Father perfectly, but because He truly believes each of us are worth second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances, and fifth chances. He believes we all have the power and ability to live with Him once again, and He believed in that single, solitary fact enough to give His life. 

That's what we are worth.
That's what we have been given.
That's how much we are loved.

And I have never felt more grateful for that knowledge, than I do right now.