07 September 2014

Keeping The Faith In An Uncertain World

I have a friend who shared with me an experience that she had a few years ago. She told me that there was a point in her life when she and her husband unexpectedly felt very strongly to pack up their bags and move to Las Vegas. They had no family there - no job opportunities there - and seemingly no purpose there. However, she and her husband listened to the spirit, her husband quit his job, and they left their three grown children and found a house in Las Vegas.Not even a month later my friend and her husband received another prompting - just as strong as the first - to move back to Orem, Utah. They were barely getting settled when they knew they needed to return home. Completely unaware of why this was happening, she and her husband once again packed their bags and returned to Utah.

"To this day my husband and I have no idea why that happened," she told me, "but we knew what we felt was real and we obeyed." Nothing significant happened within the span of those few months. Nothing life-changing occurred. In fact - other than their surroundings - their life remained entirely the same. 

As years have passed and I've gained experience, I now know there will be times in life where this will happen. We will feel things we simply don't understand, we will be given promptings that seem to make no sense, and life will unfold a series of events that we and our mortal minds cannot comprehend. Sure, some of these "promptings" may be slightly fabricated and result from a lack of spiritual maturity, but there will be times when these unknown promptings are indeed from a loving Heavenly Father, and He certainly intends us to listen.

I have been given my fair share of these experiences in life, and I've been greatly blessed to be able to look back at some of these times, and with clarity now - see what those promptings were leading to back then. There are some experiences I don't think I will ever understand in this life, and some I know I very well could have fabricated, but what I do know is that every one of these experiences has led me to rely on my Heavenly Father and on the Holy Ghost. It has led me to walk towards my Savior in the dark. It has tested my spiritual understanding and has brought me to a place where I am more worthy to receive promptings - because I act on the ones that I receive.

I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior want only the best for us. I know They want us to be happy, and I know They want us to return home to Them one day. I am so grateful for that knowledge, and I am so grateful for the uncertainty found along the way in this life. 

I am especially grateful for the times when faith is required.

And I am immensely grateful for the Sources where that faith is found.