18 December 2014

The Best Night Of My life

Last night I went to sit on Santa's lap.
As-per-usual, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year.
I told him I couldn't think of anything.
I told him I had everything I possibly wanted.
And then he said, "well how about a surprise!?"

I told Old Saint Nick that - of course -  I loved surprises,
and before I knew it this perfect man
was on one knee asking me to marry him.

Boy, did Santa outdo himself this year.

I couldn't have hand-picked a more perfect or more romantic proposal.
I couldn't have hand-picked a more fitted soul-mate for me for eternity.
I couldn't have hand-picked a more perfect recipe for a more perfect life.

Which is why I know Someone much greater was at the head of this plan.

The past ten months of my life have been too good to be true.
My relationship with Joseph has fallen perfectly into place,
each puzzle piece connecting better than the one before it.
I have never felt more confident, more content,
or more sure of something in my entire life,
and I truly thought my heart couldn't possibly feel
more at peace than it has felt the last ten months.

Last night, however, that theory was proven wrong.

I am beyond blessed to have Joseph Patten Orgill in my life. I am beyond honored to be his fiance. I am so humbled to have been given someone as extraordinary and as special as him.

And on January 23rd, 2015 he will be my husband.
I will have him for time and all eternity.

And I never thought eternity could possibly look this good.

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