22 January 2015

I'm gettin' married in the morning

Today I was driving to the Bountiful temple.
I was in the car with my mom, and we were going to meet 
Joseph and the videographer there to get some filming done before tomorrow.
My mom kept insisting that we needed to take exit 316,
but Siri was telling us otherwise. 
So, we ended up taking exit 317,
and it led us exactly where we needed to go.

In all seriousness exit 316 would have gotten us there too,
but exit 317 wasn't the wrong way,
it was just a different way...
much like my life up until this point.

I found it rather symbolic,
and actually got a little choked up in the car.
Exit 317 led me to my destination.
It led me to exactly where I needed to go...
(even though it might have taken a little longer to get there).

Tomorrow I am getting married.
Tomorrow I will kneel across an altar in the house of the Lord.
Tomorrow I will commit myself to someone entirely.
Tomorrow I will promise him forever.
Tomorrow I will promise the Lord forever.
And tomorrow I give the remaining bits of my heart to Joseph,
to cherish and to hold for the rest of forever.

Joseph truly is my better half.
He has simply become a part of me.
In so many ways I feel that we have become one.
And tomorrow I will take his hand in mine,
and we will begin the rest of our journey together.

How grateful I am for the life that has led me to this moment.
How grateful I am for the twists and turns along the way.
How grateful I am for my Heavenly Father and Savior,
and for Their perfect, guidance and direction.

They have led me here...
And here is right where I want to be.