21 May 2015

She's Somebody's Child

We have all been hurt... We have all felt misunderstood and taken advantage of. Whether it was something someone said, or something someone did, intentionally or unintentionally. It could have been a friend, who proved their loyalty remained to someone else when we believed it should have remained with us. It could have been a total stranger, (social media makes that very easy to do, by the way.) Point is, we have all felt betrayed, in some way, in some form, at some time.

I have encountered these circumstances a couple of times in the last little while, and although I don't think about these particular people often, when I do I can't help but wonder if there might be some unresolved feelings that I should attend to. Now, this isn't to say that one will totally forget the pain one caused. This isn't to say that the hurt will be entirely and totally forgotten. It is to say, that regardless of the circumstance, one needs to forgive as fully as one can possibly forgive, (with the Savior's grace of course.) Will there still be tenderness? Sure. Will there still be a small twinge of pain? Maybe. Should it be anything more than that? No, I don't believe so.

Yesterday as I was in my car running errands, a song came on. I had never heard it before, even though it was on my phone, but when the song began to play my heart stopped to listen. These words mattered. They meant something. And I know that my Father in heaven blessed me with these five minutes of clarity. He blessed me with an enormous amount of humility. And He softened my heart.

The song was called Somebody's Child by Dan Truman. 

I am grateful for a loving Father in heaven who knows my heart so much better than I do. I am grateful for His wisdom and His goodness. I am unbelievably grateful for His Son, Jesus Christ, and I am so humbled and grateful to know that He loves me as much as He loves anyone else. 

I am no better than anyone. 

I am no more deserving than anyone.

And I am grateful for the small and sweet reminder,
that yes, although I am somebody's child... 

someone else is too.