20 June 2015

It's My Birthday!

23 Things I Learned When I Was 23

1) Maya Angelo was right. 
Have enough courage 
to trust love one more time...
and always one more time. 
The next time could be the right time. 
Take my word for it. 

2) Faith is all we need. Faith and only faith. With faith we can trust we will not fail. With faith we can believe in better days. With faith there is hope. What more could we need?

3) Pursuing further education is always a good thing. Knowledge is power.

4) Loyalty is the key factor in friendships. Without it, friendships simply won’t last.

5) Family is truly the most important thing in life. I thank Heavenly Father every day for the family that surrounds me. Also, kids will always need their parents. I'm not sure if that's good news for them? But it sure is for me. 

6) Dogs make life infinitely more meaningful. I plan to pass a law that makes it mandatory for every human being to own a dog. The bill's name will be happiness truly lies in four paws and a tail.

7) Spontaneity shouldn't be so stinkin' spontaneous. Make it a regular thing. Live with the fever called adventure!

8) The decision to become a vegetarian is still one of my favorite decisions. Two years going strong ;) #savetheanimals #animalsarefriendsnotfood #impartlywritingthistobugmyfamily #theyarerollingtheireyesrightnow 

9) My desire to travel the world only grows more with time. 

10) My heart still (wait for it) belongs in New Zealand.

11) California really is a great place to live.
(Check off bucket-list.)

12) Roller-coasters will forever be one of my most favorite things in life.

13) I'm terrified to be a mother, and terribly excited at the same time. I don't know how that works, but it does.

14) Marriage can live up to all the hype, if and when you marry the right person, and I truly believe I married the person who was the good, better, best person for me. His heart was what my heart needed. His spirit was what my sprit needed. There isn't a day that goes by I'm not immensely grateful he purposely ran into me at church. His friendship and his love is a gift. His tenderness and sensitivity is one of my most precious blessings. And I'm forever grateful my forever will be spent with him.

15) You will never have regrets if you react in kindness.
Always, always be kind.
Especially when they don't deserve it.

16) Books are still the best kind of friends.

17) Listen to the spirit, even when it doesn't make sense! Develop a meaningful relationship with the Holy Ghost. It will always lead you right where you need to go. I promise your relationship with the Holy Ghost will forever be one of the very most important relationships in your life.

18) My Heavenly Father loves me more than I could possibly know... and my love for Him absolutely overwhelms me. You know when you feel so much love, you kind of feel like you can't breathe because the love you feel is just so thick it's kind of hard to focus on anything else? I have those moments when I pray, and those moments will forever be the greatest moments of my life. I live for those moments. I do.

19) If I was the only person in the world who needed the Atonement, my Savior would have died for me alone. That knowledge is some of the most important knowledge I will ever have. I was that important to Him, and I will always be that important to Him. Jesus Christ suffered so He could be my Advocate, my Friend, my Comfort, and Best Friend. 

Who He is? 
Is everything. 

20) The scriptures are our constant. They are our safe place. They are the only thing that make sense when nothing else does. They are home. 

21) The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. It is the only thing that matters. I live because I know this. I will live forever because I know this. This gospel is eternal, and it is my greatest gift. 

22) Loving ourselves must come from within. It takes personal effort and determination. It takes consistency and most of all it takes faith. It takes faith in our Father in heaven. It takes faith in Him and His creation. It takes faith in Him and His perfection, and it takes faith in His inability to ever make a mistake. To Him we are perfect, and that is everything.

23) Each year brings new difficulties, but with those difficulties come added blessings, extra tender mercies, and growth and wisdom that is necessary for our exaltation. I am so grateful for where I am in my life. I am so grateful that I am at this point. It's been a rocky twenty-three years, but where it has led me is pretty extraordinary...

and there is nowhere else I'd rather be.