11 September 2015

Suicide Prevention Day

Yesterday was Suicide Awareness Day, and for each person who struggles with depression or knows someone who does... yesterday probably felt a little different than most days. 

It could have happened to a loved one, or it could have happened to someone you once kind-of knew. Or, depending on the severity of your depression, perhaps your experience with suicide has been a struggle with yourself. Whatever the case may be, suicide isn't as foreign of a thing as it should be. 

To be in such a dark place is hard for anyone, and to be perfectly honest, having been there myself, at times it surprises me suicide isn't more rampant than it is. People talk a lot. Many say suicide is selfish. Many say suicide is a cop-out. I say it's not our place to judge, and for that we should be very grateful. 

Until you have been engulfed in depression, completely and entirely suffocating from it, it's hard to understand. But what I can tell you is that it's real. What I can tell you is that it's hard. And what I can also tell you, is that there is hope.

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about depression, and I got super candid about mine. I'll try to make the same point again today that I did then. 

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of.
Depression is a disease, just as serious as any other more "visible" disease.
Depression, doesn't diminish you.
Depression doesn't make you less than.
Depression doesn't define you.

What depression does is teach you.

It teaches you to be kinder. It teaches you to be more loving. It teaches you to be more understanding. It teaches you to judge less quickly, to love more readily, and to accept more freely. To those who have pondered suicide or know someone who has, know that you are not alone. And please remember:

your life matters more than the sadness. 

Your depression is not as big as your future.

And your purpose is greater than your pain.