28 December 2015

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

The other day I overheard a conversation while waiting in line at the store. There were two women, both probably in their late twenties. One of them was married and the other one clearly was not. I didn't catch the whole conversation, but I did hear the un-married one say, "Are you serious? That's so weird! I honestly thought problems went away once you got married!"


Her friend lovingly laughed,
and I couldn't help but laugh too.

Marriage is incredible. The efforts that are made within a marriage bring the most special rewards and carry with it the most magical and meaningful moments... But, it is simply silly to not admit that being a loving and active and committed partner within a marriage isn't simply a natural-occurring unchangeable choice we were born with, permanently etched inside of us. Being a loving and active and committed partner within a marriage is an honest-to-goodness conscious decision we choose to make every day. It is a conscious decision to choose someone, day in and day out, and it is choosing them and all that they can (and sometimes, can not) bring into your relationship.

There have been many wonderful moments within my marriage, but one that particularly stood out to me was an experience I had the other day. It was a rough day, and for whatever reason my anxiety was through the roof. If there was a momentary picture to perfectly describe my life it would have been this:

I was being as dramatic as humanly possible, and as I was attempting to express my emotions to my husband, I quite literally floundered my body off the couch while I was basically wailing. 

It was horrifying. 

I sobbed and it was neither quiet nor delicate. It was loud. My eyes were swollen from the constant crying, my cheeks were perfectly black from my mascara, and my breathing sounded like muffled heaving in the most awkward and uncomfortable way.

Needless to say it wasn't my finest moment.

My husband, without hesitation, swooped my flailing body into his arms and held me like a helpless little child. I wish I could say these words were exaggerated in an effort to disguise the actual hideousness of the situation but alas,
I cannot.

As my husband comforted me, I looked at him and for a moment I just wondered, how in the actual heck does this man still look at me the way today, in my utter and chaotic mess, the way that he did the day of our wedding?

And you know what conclusion I came to?

He chooses to.

Every day he chooses to love me.

He chooses to love me despite my many shortcomings and failings.

HE chooses ME.

And I choose him.

So! To that sweet, sweet girl I overheard at the store, who genuinely believes marriage fixes all problems in life - I applaud you for your optimism. And believe it or not, I think you are in for something even better than a problem-free life.

In fact, if you're lucky enough, there will be tough times. If you're lucky enough, there will be disagreements along the way. And if you're exceptionally lucky, you will have horrid experiences like the one I had. And you will have a husband, who holds you and chooses you despite the many reasons he might have not to. And if you're smart enough to realize what you have?

You will choose him too.

Every day.
Despite the reasons you have not to.

And if you let it, this choice will complete your life in a way that nothing else can.

If you let it, an outwardly "imperfect marriage" can exceed what any "problem-free marriage" could have given you... ten-fold.

And I promise you, that whatever "ugly" moments you encounter, can truly become the most beautiful and cherished moments within your marriage...

within your life.

06 December 2015

Merry Christmas from the Orgill's!

Now that I am officially a member of the Orgill family clan, I am privileged to join in with them on their Christmas dance tradition! In a few days our video got over two million views... 25,000+ shares, and our family picture is now used as an advertisement for a clothing company in New York City that sells Christmas sweaters. Also, KSL has written an article and I'd like to give a personal shout out to Alex from Target who posted our video and captioned, #FAMILYGOALS

Family of 8 siblings performs annual Christmas Dance music video. #familygoals #santaclauseYoutube version:...
Posted by Ammon Orgill on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Needless to say the Orgill fam feels pretty cool this year. 

Merry Christmas, from us to you!

Our video from last year: 

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