23 January 2016

Happy One Year Anniversary Lover Boy!

Our wedding day feels like yesterday and it feels like a lifetime ago. 
This past year has flown by and it has lingered on. 
The highlights of the past year are so very bright, 
and the not-so-bright-times, uncomfortably dim. 
But, like anything else in life, we cannot see the light 
if darkness is unfamiliar, and we cannot progress, 
if we were always where we needed to be.

In the past year we moved several times. 
We learned the in's and out's of the first year of marriage.
We bought a perfect white puppy.
We went on 6 vacations, one of which we held tigers and monkeys.
We struggled as we made decisions together. 
We worried about schooling and finances 
and jobs and friends who were sad 
and family members who were sick. 

We had talks about starting a family 
and we became anxious for the future. 
We shared in the feelings of failure 
and we shared in the feelings of success. 
We shared our spiritual journey one with another, 
and as a couple told Heavenly Father our deepest desires
and shared with Him our greatest fears.

Joseph saw the best and worst parts of me, and I of him. 
And today, hand in hand, squeezing tighter than ever before,
we walk into the future loving each other more 
for every difficult and beautiful moment. 

Because isn't that what love is? 
A plethora of good and bad and ugly and beautiful 
and hopeful and hopeless and imperfect and perfection?

Joseph, thank you for your love.
Thank you for seeing me for all I am and can be.
Thank you for letting me be yours,
and thank you, sweet boy, for being mine.