14 February 2016

“Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday.” ― Ted Kooser

I don't know why but Valentine's Day 
has always been one of my *most favorite* holidays. 
It's so much more than boxes of chocolate, pretty jewelry, 
candlelit dinners and lots of roses. 
(... Although the chocolate part is essential,
and the roses part is always welcomed.)

Today is simply a day to celebrate the ability to love - in every form. 
Not only romantic love... Just love.

There are so many things and people and circumstances I love in my life,
and so today I'm feeling extra giddy.

The other night Joseph and I were on our way
to the movies and the sun was in my eyes.
Joseph happened to notice and without a word 
picked up a clipboard and shielded the sun from my eyes
for the remainder of our drive.
Today, I love him for little things like that.

I am greeted every morning with wet kisses from a
little nugget girl named Bella, and today I'm feeling 
extra love for her and her sweet spirit.

I happen to have the most wonderful family 
in the whole entire world. I'm feeling extra grateful today 
for the relationships I share with each of them.
I'm even feeling grateful for the heated discussions 
about Obama we have around the dinner table ;)
I love them and am beyond blessed to have their
constant love, support, and loyalty in my life.

The friends and the people who surround me 
encourage me to be my best self - ALWAYS. 
How lucky am I to be able to say that?  
I am incredibly blessed to know that I
have friendships that will last forever. 

I love that I have the opportunity to work
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I love that work starts with a prayer each morning. 
I love that I work for my Savior in whatever capacity I can.

Oh, and how I love my Savior. 
I love Him with all of my heart. 
How grateful I am today and every day for His
example and presence in my life. 
How grateful I am for our Heavenly Father,
Who wants me only to be happy and to succeed. 

How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How grateful I am for this life that I live.

And oh, how I love it.