28 January 2017

I changed my last name

I held onto resentment towards my ex for a lot of reasons, but one of them was because he peaced out WEEKS after I legally changed my last name. For every woman out there who has legally changed their last name, they know sitting in the social security office for three hours and changing names on bank statements, car and health insurances, work information, passports and everywhere else that displays your last name is just inconvenient. When I married Joseph, I refused to legally change my last name until he was married to me for one year. That one year came and went and my untouched marriage certificate and passport remained in the dashboard of my car. I drove to the social security office several times over the next year, only to find myself driving back out of the parking lot seconds later due to my fears of abandonment and honestly, my pride. To most it seems silly. I'm already married! The name on my church records show Kenna Orgill, and every time I enter the temple that's what the sweet old man checking my temple recommend calls me. 

"Welcome to the temple, Sister Orgill."

That's what really matters the most, right? Yes, but still it wasn't silly to me. I figured if Joseph left me, it would be one less thing to have to worry about. 

Last week, days before our two-year anniversary I mustered the courage to wait in that social security office and present my marriage certificate to the woman behind the glass. What a range of mixed emotions. A couple of days later, the night of our anniversary, I handed Joseph a wrapped box with a bow, and inside was a paper verifying that I was legally, officially, an Orgill. 

He cried and I cried, and again, though that seems strange to some this really was the final step I had to make in order to completely, and totally devote and commit myself to this marriage. Above all, it was the final step in me believing Joseph is completely devoted and committed to this marriage. 

So today, I got a card in the mail. 

And I couldn't be more proud to legally be an Orgill.