23 January 2017

Happy two-year Anniversary

I remember the morning of our wedding day. I remember sitting in the car with my Dad as we drove to the Bountiful temple. I remember the peace and the excitement and the utter gratitude I felt. I remember Elder Callister's beautiful words as he sealed me and Joseph for eternity. I remember looking at Joseph across the altar and simply knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that everything which had happened in my life up until this point was leading me to this moment.

I remember that feeling of pure gratitude, joy, and complete peace so well, because every time I think about my marriage to Joseph I still feel the same way.

I don't know how I managed to find a man who is so kind and so good, and let's be honest, I wasn't the one who found him. I knew then and I know now that only my Father in heaven could have found and set aside such a special individual. 

Throughout the course of my dating relationship with Joseph, I asked Heavenly Father multiple times to tell me I was crazy or to tell me I was wrong. I told Him that nothing in life could possibly feel this right.

But it did.

And it was.

I truly married the sweetest, most sensitive soul. I married someone who cries more than I do (sorry Jos), and I married someone who shows me the true meaning of Christ-like love every time he interacts with anyone. I married someone who drops everything to come and see me if I'm having a bad day; someone who holds me and reminds me how to breathe until my anxiety has passed. I married someone who lives to love people and more than anything he wants people to be happy. I married someone who is a friend to every stranger, and is as absolutely loyal as they come. It's not humanly possible for Joseph to turn his back on people, and he's never satisfied with himself because he's constantly trying to be better. I married someone who works harder than anyone I've met, and his desire and drive to provide for a family is and always has been his greatest motivation. I married someone who doesn't know how to remain angry, and I married someone who encompasses forgiveness and the Atonement more than I thought anyone possibly could. I married someone who deals with my weaknesses in a way that only he could and still manages to remain forever patient with me. I married a man who loves me, and not once in the time I've known him have I EVER doubted that he does.

He is in every way, the better half of me. Who he is, is who I hope to most emulate in this life and the next. I'm a better person for every day I know him, and I celebrate his devotion to me every day, but especially today. 

Happy 2-year Anniversary, love.

Forever could never be long enough.